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Charity Shop for Action Medical Research

July 2016

The Ryedale Committee for Action Medical Research’s pop-up Charity Shop will be open once again in Middleton, near Pickering from Thursday 11 August to Tuesday 16 August.  There will be lots of great items at bargain prices including clothes, toys, china, glasses, books, records (vinyl), videos, etc.  

Action Medical Research funds research across the UK dedicated to helping babies and children.  We particularly want to make a difference in tackling premature birth and treating sick and vulnerable babies, helping children affected by disability, disabling conditions and infections and targeting rare diseases that severely affect many forgotten children. 

Location: Action Medical Research Charity Shop, The Village Hall (immediately next to our previous location, The Old School Room), Middleton, Near Pickering, YO18. (Located on the A170 between Pickering and Aislaby, The Village Hall is on the left hand side of the road in Middleton (driving from Pickering), just beyond High Back Side on the right).
Please come and support us!

Dates and times:
Opening from Thursday 11 August to Tuesday 16 August 2016, 10am to 4pm every day. 
The shop will close at 1pm on the last day.

Entry free. Suitable for all ages.
Please contact 07904 739560 for any enquires.

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Keep calm drink tea

July 2016

Our monthly column by Andy Boxall, Minister of Elim Ryedale Church

What makes us British? Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, Morris Dancers, Cream Tea, Wimbledon, Changing of the Guard, Turkey dinner at Christmas or drinking tea? Did you know as part of the process of becoming a British Citizen you have to answer 24 questions in 45 minutes based on the first chapters of a handbook called ‘Life in the UK’? I’ve just taken a sample test and got 83%, you need 75% to pass, phew! I was surprised at some of the questions I was asked including two questions about Henry VIII and seven questions about our political process. I was even asked how long Britain remained independent from the Roman Empire after Julius Caesar’s failed invasion in 55BC. Is this really the best way to test whether I’m suitable to be British or not?

Now we have chosen the road to exit the EU our national identity will be questioned and redefined. Sadly, post EU referendum I hope the behaviour of the few doesn’t represent me or the majority of British citizens. This certainly won’t make us ‘Great’ Britain again! It seems to me, it is not what we know, or even believe that will define who we are; it is the way we behave born out of the values we hold. One core British value is the freedom of speech, the protection of an individual to hold and freely express an opinion without fear of retribution or persecution. As a Christian I highly value my freedom to believe and express my faith even when it differs from my fellow citizens. However, it is not my belief that causes the problem; it is the behaviour I choose to express my belief where surely we must find some British common ground?

In 2011 the government defined British values as the values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs. The challenge is not getting people to agree to these values but to agree on acceptable behaviour to express these values. This is a choice; behaviour is learnt, can be modified and improved. I hope Britain becomes ‘Great’ as we choose to behave with dignity, integrity, tolerance and love. Perhaps that’s why, we Brits keep calm and drink tea!

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Update your planting with help from Noel Kingsbury

July 2016

The Heritage & Learning Centre at Scampston Conservatory is delighted to be hosting two full day workshops with Noel Kingsbury, highly renowned garden writer, research and lecturer. Noel is best known for his promotion of naturalistic planting design in gardens and designed landscapes, and his collaboration with Dutch garden and landscape designer Piet Oudolf on books on planting design.

Over two days, Noel will explore two themes in a course which is designed to appeal to both amateurs and those with more expertise. Attendees will also be able to explore Scampston Walled Garden, itself an award-winning example of Oudolf’s perennial planting.

Day One
The Rabbit’s Eye View: A look at long term plant performance.

This full-day garden-based workshop aims at encouraging participants to observe garden and landscape plants, focussing on their growth through the year, looking at how they compete with each other.

It will teach how to assess plants prospects for longevity and their suitability for a variety of garden locations.

Gardeners and designers can then use their experience and knowledge of plants to plan better for maximising their garden, and also reducing maintenance.

Day Two
Planting Design with Perennials
The second day will cover the basics of designing with perennials, using the Oudolf planting in Scampston Walled Garden for inspiration and lessons.

Choosing plants for habitat, colour, structure and then combining them.

It is with thanks to support from the Heritage and Lottery Fund that Scampston is able to offer this course for £50 per day, or £90 for both days – inclusive of lunch and refreshments.

For more information, or to book, please contact or call 01944 759 111.

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Big Boys Don’t Cry

July 2016

As a young boy there were times when I cried. I cried when I was physically hurt, when I was bullied, when I didn’t get my own way and also when I felt lost and alone.

Although I know I was comforted and didn’t always get my own way, I also know that I regularly received the message that ‘Big boys don’t cry’. This developed into a belief that as a male it was unacceptable to cry or even talk about feeling hurt as this was seen as being weak.

A study of schoolboys carried out in 2002 found that boys believed that to be a man meant avoiding displaying any emotion that could be viewed as acting in a feminine way. Displays of emotion were directly linked to female traits and the schools reported that if boys displayed such emotions they were subject to, and would subject others to intimidating bullying. Usually associated with younger children, the cliché ‘big boys don’t cry’ is an example of how a young boy may be denied a masculine identity purely because he has displayed what many view as a feminine emotion. If adolescent girls hold the monopoly on discussions relating to emotions, then by implication boys are restricted from such discussions. It is important to consider what this means for men and their emotional health e.g. depression.

The suggestion seems to be that developing boys become emotionally speechless young men and therefore unable, even fearful, to express their emotions. This influences men’s ability to recognise their own emotional difficulties and how they seek help to cope with them. I have witnessed this struggle as almost without fail, when a male client has begun to cry he will immediately say ‘sorry’ as if he has been caught doing something wrong.

I learnt to repress my tears for fear of experiencing the shame that came with crying in front of people. I now understand that I carried this belief and behaviour into my adolescence and on into adulthood. Perhaps then, a more helpful approach when in contact with a young boy who is expressing his emotions would be to encourage and give reassurance that in fact ‘Big Boys Do Cry’.

By Jeff Bentley, TLC Counselling

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Denture Problems

July 2016

Dentures tend to get a bad press however they are one of the most cost effective methods of replacing teeth. One problem is that people tend not to replace them often enough so they become discoloured , loose or worn.

If left a badly fitting denture can compromise the health of the adjacent teeth eventually causing further tooth loss. There are several ways these problems can be reduced.

• Avoid denture breakages by putting a couple of inches of water in the sink when you clean them.
• Use plain soap and a brush to clean the fit surface and the outer surface paying particular attention to the inside of the lower front teeth and the outside of the upper molars, these are areas where tartar builds up.
• Rinse thoroughly before placing in plain water and if desired a lukewarm solution of denture cleaner. Not cleaning before soaking may cause the debris on your denture to fix onto the denture.
• Avoid hot water it can bleach your dentures leaving the gum work looking very pale.
• Clean the supporting teeth really well especially where they touch the denture.
• Take your denture out at night.
• See your dentist at least annually, they can help prolong the life of your remaining teeth and reline or replace your denture before it causes problems.

So if your dentures could do with an overhaul then contact Jan at Howardian Dental and in August you will qualify for a free 20 minute Oral Health Session.

We are conveniently located at
11 Alan Farnaby Way, York Road Business Park, Sheriff Hutton YO60 6PG t: 01347 878111

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Travel Superstitions

July 2016

For many, a summer break is almost like a ritual each year; travelling is now so easy and accessible, people have a growing opportunity to explore the far reaches of the world. However for some, travelling is nerve-wracking. There are an abundance of situations where things can go wrong; planes falling, ships sinking, trains derailing! Yet around the world there are many superstitions to prevent bad luck when travelling.

Numbers get a bad rap around the world, with certain numbers being deducted from rows on flights, or from room or floor numbers in hotels. Italy abhors the number ‘17’, as the Roman translation of VIXI, (an anagram of XVII) ‘I have lived’, suggests death, whilst in China, the Cantonese ‘4’ sounds like the word ‘death’ itself. Similarly, in the USA and the UK the number ‘13’ is an omen of bad luck, causing many airlines and hotels to abandon its use.

Phrases, too, hold a certain power. In Norway ‘tvi tvi’ was used to put a curse on someone that you liked, the idea being that if somebody had already cursed you then the evil spirits had no reason to bother you. A polar idea developed in Ukraine with the belief that a few minutes of communal silence would bring a traveller good luck before their journey.

Most drastic perhaps, were the solutions in Nepal to fix malfunctioning aircraft; farm animals were sacrificed to honour Akash Bhairab, the Hindu God of the Sky, ensuring a safe flight.

Whilst there are a whole range of beliefs and superstitions around the world for travellers to test out, fear in the end is a state of mind. Logically, the risk of a travel catastrophe is incredibly low and the brief time spent travelling compared to the memories made on holiday is ultimately insignificant for most. Although I may still stick to crossing my fingers during the take-off...

by Mary Mahon

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Kirkbymoorside Environment Group

July 2016

As I write this, the summer could best be described as changeable following on from a cool and damp spring. As usual the challenges of the British weather will result in some fruit crops struggling whilst others rise to the challenge and produce a surplus. The question then is what to do with a glut of one type of fruit?

In 2012, a small group of volunteers in Kirkbymoorside got together to find a use for the surplus fruit that was often seen going to waste in gardens and orchards, and so the Kirkby fruit project was born.

We started in a small way producing bottles of apple juice, jams and chutneys to raise funds for local causes but over the last four years our knowledge and skills have grown. We now have more than 20 regular volunteers of all ages and abilities and our repertoire has expanded to include other fruit products, cordials, grafted local heritage fruit trees and a very popular craft cider.

We not only use the produce from our local fruit trees but have begun to research our fruit growing heritage in this area and graft new daughter trees from some of the old orchard varieties that are reaching the end of their lives. Our fruit project operates in the Kirkbymoorside area but many other areas in Ryedale will have surplus local fruit that could be used in a similar community project.

Through a mixture of trial and error and the generous help of others we have learned a lot over the past four years (and made plenty of mistakes) and we are happy to pass on any of our skills and knowledge to help other communities just starting out on a similar venture. So why not get together with some friends and neighbours to start your own local fruit project this year. There is lots of information on our website or contact us to have a chat.

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July 2016

As an owner of a cat myself I know it’s inevitable that you will have to take your cat to the vets’, be it for an annual vaccination, health check, neutering or if your beloved kitty becomes ill. Cats are independent, territorial and need to feel in control of their surroundings. A visit to the vets’ is likely to cause all cats a certain degree of stress.

At Station House Vets we are in the final stages of preparing to become an accredited cat-friendly practice. Our team will care for your cat gently, respectfully and with the correct professional skills. We will also endeavour to make your visits as stress-free as possible for both you and your cat.

Stress can begin before you step though the practice door, with the ordeal of transporting your cat being potentially difficult and upsetting for all! It is important to transport your cat in a secure and robust pet carrier. If the carrier is an open/mesh design, partially cover it with a cloth or towel. Familiarise your cat with the carrier by storing it in the house. Putting some bedding that smells of home in the carrier can also have a calming effect or try rubbing your cat’s face with a soft cloth to pick up scent, then rubbing the cloth around the carrier and leaving it inside. Sprays that can help calm your cat include synthetic cat scents or pheromones such as Feliway’ or ‘Pet Remedy,’ both available from Station House Vets.

When travelling, ensure that the pet carrier is secured so that it can’t move around. Drive carefully as your cat can pick up on your stress, and keep noise and sharp movements to a minimum so as not to startle them. If your cat panics, you could wrap them loosely in a blanket or towel within the carrier to make them feel safe.

Once you have arrived at the surgery you will find a separated waiting area especially for you and your cat, with an elevated shelf to place pet carriers on. Or, if you would prefer to wait in the car with your cat, we are happy to come and get you when the vet is ready. If requested in advance, we will endeavour to give your cat an appointment when there are no dogs booked in to the surgery.

We hope our continuing efforts make our practice a calm and cat friendly place, and we look forward to seeing you and your cat soon.

Michelle Grahame RVN Station House Vets

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Funky tents for special events

July 2016

Funky Tents specialises in bespoke marquee and furniture hire for weddings, parties, balls, corporate events and festivals.

Based in Ryedale, and run by Gareth Roberts, Funky Tents can give your event a distinctive twist with their range of stylish marquees, furniture and lighting.

Whether your event is in your garden or at one of the many wonderful venues across the area; stylish and formal or relaxed and laid back, Funky Tents can create a space to mirror your exact requirements.

Whatever you are planning, you can create the mood and style you want with their flexible array of lighting set ups which ensure multi coloured light bounces off the curvaceous and stunning roof structures to create a special place. Throw into the equation their funky furniture options and theming becomes limited only by your imagination.

Gareth says, “I am able offer an extensive range of marquees and funky fit outs, while always keeping my customers at the heart of everything I do. Whatever you are planning; from a garden party for a few friends to a large scale festival, a wedding at one of the wonderful venues across the region or a trade show, it will be a privilege to help make your event happen.”

Gareth will be personally involved at every stage, from the initial contact and planning through to the event itself and the all-important clear up and pledges the highest level of customer service.

If you would like a quote for marquee hire, with or without a funky fit out for any kind of event, or would like Gareth to visit you on site to discuss your requirements personally, or suggest some suitable venues, drop him a line on the email address below. Alternatively if you would like to speak to a member of the Office Team, please call 0843 506 5001

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Ryedale Rose Festival

July 2016

9th & 10th July at RV Roger’s Nursery, Pickering

The Ryedale Rose Festival is a major event on the rose exhibitors’ calendar, and is well established at the RV Roger nurseries, where more than 600 varieties of roses are grown. The festival came to the nurseries 4 years ago, and since then, it has gone from strength to strength, with last year’s festival bringing in around 1200 visitors over the weekend.

The Ryedale Rose Festival will showcase the achievements of some of the UK’s top rose exhibitors, as well as being a free rose-filled weekend for the whole family with live music, refreshments, talks, displays, and demonstrations.

RV Roger Ltd is one of the UK’s top rose growers, and hosts this prestigious annual event, incorporating the British Isles Rose Society’s flagship annual show and awards ceremony. According to The Horticultural Trades Association, half of all garden owners grow roses somewhere in their garden, and new ones are being developed all the time.

Previous Ryedale Rose Festivals have seen the introduction of new roses supporting charities such as the Calendar Girls, the Paralympian gold medal winner Hannah Lucy Cockcroft’s chosen charity, and Tommy’s Rose raising funds for the Western Front Association in this anniversary year!

Open to everyone, the free event will be a blaze of colour and scent, and is a rare opportunity to see displays by some of the premier rose growers in the UK. Visitors will be able to admire the huge range and diversity of our nation’s favourite flower, whilst having the unique opportunity to stroll amongst RV Roger’s rose fields and enjoy the heady experience of 50,000 rose bushes in full bloom.

Some of the highlights of the 2016 show...

• British Isles Rose Society annual awards
• New roses from the country’s top breeders
• Amateur Rose Breeders association new varieties.
• Local Ryedale schools class depicting a scene from ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’
• Two marquees displaying over 1000 roses
• Rose pruning and budding demonstrations, plus the chance to try your own!
• Seek advice from professionals about your own roses and gardens
• Refreshments from ‘Fish ’n’ Chips’, the ‘Coffee Stop’ and Bradley’s Ice Cream.
• The RV Roger rose fields open with more than 50,000 roses in bloom
• Artists and craftsmen demonstrations, including Royal Horticultural Society’s Gold medal winning botanical artist Bridget Gillespie and sculptural Blacksmith David Stephenson
• Top range of DeWit garden tools on sale at show special discounts
• Talks from garden designer Stephen Bean
• Kirkbymoorside Photographic Society display
• Live musical entertainment throughout the day

RV Roger Ltd, The Nurseries, Malton Road, Pickering, YO18 7JW
T: 01751 472226
Free admission and free car parking, and level access throughout.
Opening times: Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th July from 10am to 5pm each day

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V.S.F. Ltd

July 2016

When it comes to getting the most out of a garage, then come to the ONLY NATIONAL firm that specialises in their refurbishment and conversion.
At V.S.F. Ltd we have been helping people turn their old, impractical garages into modern and useful spaces for the last decade.

Our experts can take on pretty much any project, from refurbishing your rundown concrete garage ensuring you have a secure storage space for years to come, to erecting a completely new one for you, or transforming your garage into an up-to-date and ultra-functional utility room.

It doesn’t matter how old your garage is or what condition it is in, V.S.F will give it a new lease of life or totally transform it to add value to your home.

Whether it’s just a replacement roof that is needed or a full refurbishment, V.S.F. will take care of every aspect, from the technical survey through to the installation.
You don’t even need to empty your garage we will empty it for you if necessary, do the job and then leave everything spotless when we have gone.

You won’t even know we have been there, apart from the wonderful space that we leave behind.
V.S.F. can reduce or extend your garage, block up doors with panels, take out panels and add new doors. We can reduce or increase garage door sizes, install new windows or change your roof from flat to apex.

The options for your garage are virtually endless - and we will work with you at every stage to ensure you get just what you want.

Marcus Jeffreys, strategic consultant for the company, said: “We are absolutely committed to ensuring that from your initial contact to completing your installation, whether it be a refurbishment or a replacement garage, every aspect of your installation is managed correctly, ensuring that the installation and completion dates are met.

“In present times, when the building industry has a reputation for not fulfilling deadlines and shoddy workmanship, we take pride in offering you a pleasant buying experience. This means providing quality products installed by trained personnel and on the date promised.

“We are also proud to be able to provide quality products at a fair market price. We are always continuing to improve our products and negotiate the best prices so that we can offer our customers value for money.”

Safety, too, is paramount for us.

With so many garages of the age and type that we work on containing potentially hazardous asbestos, our experience is all the more important.

All our operatives are certified asbestos removers meaning that they can remove the asbestos safely and legally from your garage and also hold valid waste carriers licences to allow legal transportation of your asbestos to our depot.

And on top of all this, we offer a free, no-obligation consultation.

So, for the best storage, utility or living space you can get, contact V.S.F.

For more details, visit our website at or give us a call on 0800 917 9550.

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Malton Museum opens its new exhibition

July 2016

Malton Museum has thrown open its doors to reveal its newly refurbished space and free exhibition, Malton Goes to Market. The exhibition transports you back in time to explore its rich history and share stories of Malton and Norton.

Within the exhibition you can follow the drone footage through the town and down the river, examine the interactive map and listen to the stories of people past and present. Even play the part of a Victorian trader by exploring the costumes, made for both adults and children! Younger visitors will enjoy taking part in the hands on activities and following Fido our museum dog as he leads you around the exhibition. The exhibition features a varied array of objects from Malton’s prehistoric past to more recent items from local traders and businesses. Popular pieces include trade tokens from a local draper, and the beautiful illustrations by Arma Wrangham Hardy created in 1912 which depict life in Malton.

The museum is running a variety of events over the summer for both adults and families to accompany the exhibition including its popular hands on workshops.

The museum based in the Subscription Rooms, Yorkersgate is open Thursday to Saturday 10am – 4pm until the 29th October.

For information on the events please drop into the Museum or telephone on 01653 691262, visit or tweet @MaltonMuseum.

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4th Ryedale Festival of Traditional Jazz

July 2016

Sunday 24th July to Saturday 30th July
Ryedale Jazz are the resident band of Ryedale Jazz Society, founded in 2000, with the twin aims of keeping the Jazz flame alive between the annual Jazz Festivals in Pickering and introducing Jazz to a younger audience and players. The Society meets on the second Wednesday every month at the Beansheaf Hotel A169 Malton Road, at 8pm, with music from 8.30pm. All are welcome. Admission is free but there is a raffle which helps fund the musicians’ travel expenses.

Come along and join us!

The Programme for the 4th Ryedale Trad Jazz Festival is as follows;

Sunday 24th July 2.30pm – 4pm. Concert of Spirituals at the Church of St Peter and St Paul, Hall Garth, Pickering by the Society’s resident band, Ryedale Jazz.
Monday 25th Enrico Tomasso’s Remembering Louis Armstrong
Tuesday 26th Ron Burnett’s Mardi Gras
Wednesday 27th Tom Culbert’s Quayside Hot Stompers
Thursday 28th Funky Butt Hall N’awlins’ Jazz Band
Friday 29th Martin Bennett’s Old Green River Band
Saturday 30th The Vieux Carre Jazzmen

Above sessions are at the Memorial Hall, Potter Hill, Pickering from 7.30pm – 10pm

Tickets are £11 per session or Monday to Saturday tickets are £55. Send a cheque to Ryedale Jazz Society, with s.a.e. to 51 Roman Avenue South, Stamford Bridge, York YO41 1LS

Visit the website for more details at

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Stand for Small Business at the Ryedale Show

July 2016

Small businesses account for 99.3% of all private sector businesses and are critical to the strength of our economy. With many more people now taking the plunge into self-employment and starting a business, the role of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has never been more important.

Locally, the Ryedale branch of the FSB is chaired by Abigail Stockell-Beckett with the help of vice chair Roz Collins, a busy local bookkeeper, Walter Bratley from WEAB Motors and Ena Anne Screeton who have all been involved in the Ryedale branch for many years.

Roz believes that small business is crucial in our rural area and says “We want to ensure that new and current members of the FSB in Ryedale get the best from their membership. The FSB are experts in business, offering a wide range of vital business services and with many changes in regulations coming into force this year such as workplace pensions, the FSB is the place to go for information and help.”

Roz is so passionate about the role of FSB in Ryedale, she has decided to support a stall at Ryedale Agricultural Show to make sure the message of FSB membership reaches many more small businesses in the area.

The Ryedale branch of the FSB meets once a month at the Blacksmiths Arms in Pickering, who are also members. The meetings are a mixture of networking, talks about subjects relevant to small businesses and catching up with other local businesses.

If you’d like to find out more about the stall at the Ryedale Show or about the local branch of the FSB, give Roz a call on 07747 023711 or visit

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Does your website work for your business? - Click-IT Internet

July 2016

Click-IT Internet provides affordable solutions for website and internet services in the Ryedale area.

Trevor Hirst has over 15 years’ experience providing technical advice and guidance for people of all ages on all matters relating to websites, email marketing, social media, search engine optimisation and website content and layout.

He says “Websites and the internet can cause a lot of confusion and frustration for people. How many pages should there be? How much content is needed? How can I make sure my website is readable on mobile phones? Should I use email marketing? What about a blog and social networks? How do I get on page one of Google? I prefer to visit the client at their home or office so that I can get a better understanding of the business needs as well as collect information and content.”

Trevor has found that few people understand the complexities of managing and preparing an efficient website to create a professional image. He also helps people optimise their websites for best search engine rankings, which is the Holy Grail for anyone wanting to get more visits to their website - a subject he gets asked about many times.

If you require a completely new website, Click-IT provides a website construction and hosting service which can be self-managed or managed for the client. The most effective website presentation for both visitors and search engines can be managed via Click-IT’s content management service. Trevor has 12 years commercial photographic experience so can help with staff and product shots if necessary.

Click-IT Internet provides a complete and personal service for anyone needing help with their online presence. And in today’s high tech media frenzy, it helps when someone can explain everything in simple layman terms.

For your FREE consultation give Trevor at Click-IT Internet a call on 01723 859542 / 07578 770470

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Don’t let damaged alloys spoil your car... - The Alloy Specialist

July 2016

If you have alloy wheels on your car, you’ll know that scuffs and scratches can not only look tatty but can lower the value of your car. Paul Bolland at The Alloy Specialist can bring you the best in alloy wheel repair and refinishing direct to your home or place of work.

Paul has over 15 years’ experience in smart repairs and has been running The Alloy Specialist for over 4 years. He says “Covering much of North Yorkshire, all our alloy wheel repairs are carried out in our fully equipped, state of the art mobile workshop.”

The price of alloy wheel refurbishment is much lower than replacement, but is not a compromise. The Alloy Specialist will repair and refinish the alloy wheels using high quality paints and lacquers, leaving your wheels looking at their best at a fraction of the cost of new.

Paul says, “We can colour match the majority of manufacturer’s finishes, including the latest shadow chrome, hyper silver and matt effects. Or if you wish, we can give your alloy wheels a fresh look in the colour of your choice!” All of Paul’s work is guaranteed for 12 months against flaking, fading and discolouration.

The Alloy Specialist can also help with bodywork, repairing those annoying scuffs and scratches. Paul explains, “We can match manufacturer’s paint colours using the latest water-based paint mixing producing a high quality finish at a fraction of the cost of a bodyshop, keeping your car looking great.”

For dealerships, The Alloy Specialist can help maintain a high quality forecourt. Service is carried out inside the mobile workshop without any toxic chemicals or smells being spilled into the environment, and complying with the latest health and safety and environmental legislation, to produce the best same day finish to alloy wheels available.

For a cost-effective and efficient solution to damaged alloy wheels, call us now to discuss your requirements 0780 335 0651.

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Cat Health by Station House Vets

July 2016

The population of cats in the UK is at a record high. Some of these cats are much loved family pets, but many are from unplanned litters and become stray or feral cats, who can carry disease and have a damaging effect on the populations for wild birds and rodents.

Un-spayed female cats can produce up to 18 kittens a year and there are simply not enough homes for them all. Unless you actively want your cat to have kittens we strongly recommend you have your male and female cats neutered from 4 months old.

As well as preventing unwanted litters, there are many health benefits to early neutering of cats including fewer health problems and a longer life expectancy. Spaying your female cat before their first season can greatly reduce the risk of mammary cancer and prevent a life threatening uterus infection, called a pyometra. Infections can also be transmitted between cats through mating or passed from infected mothers to their offspring.

There are behavioural benefits too that benefit both you and your cat. An un-neutered male cat tends to mark his territory by spraying urine; neutering can reduce his need to do this and also his inclination to roam so far from home. Un-neutered male cats also have a higher tendency to fight with other cats. Un-neutered female cats are often restless and vocalise loudly by yowling during their seasons and they are very attractive to amorous tom cats.

All in all, a neutered cat tends to be a happier and more contented cat. If you would like to discuss having your cat neutered or need more information please don’t hesitate to call us. We hope to see you and your cat soon!

Michelle Grahame and Eleanor Kift
Veterinary nursing colleagues at Station House Vets

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Sorry! - Julie Wilson, Straight talking Chartered Financial Planner

July 2016

Is it me, or have we had more than our fair share of celebrity deaths recently? I was struck by two very different approaches to Inheritance Tax by two of our ‘national treasures’.

Cilla Black appears to have done no planning at all, and left her family a £6 million tax headache. That’s a lorra lorra tax. And it means the tax man will get twice as much as her three sons. Ouch. (Incidentally, I got into a spat over this very subject when more than one commentator accused me of scaremongering. Cilla Black’s lawyers will make sure they don’t pay the tax, they said. Well, unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. You can’t do anything about it when you’re dead. Sorry.
Talking of Sorry (did you see what I did there?) I was heartened to learn that Ronnie Corbett does appear to have been thinking ahead. He sold their beloved family home of 33 years for £1.27 million in 2003. They moved to a modest £250,000 house and dished out the rest to their daughters, Emma and Sophie. And as this was more than 7 years ago, they undoubtedly saved the family a 6 figure tax liability.

Ronnie’s wife, Anne Hart, is known to have been rattled by the unfairness of death duties. She had a pop at the then Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls at the 2013 Pride of Britain Awards, saying, “We have already paid hundreds of thousands in tax. We should be able to leave what’s left to our girls.”

Interesting comments coming out of our posts on social media around this subject. A surprisingly high number of people are saying that Inheritance Tax is fair because it stops people amassing vast fortunes.

I’m guessing these people have no money. And very little prospect of getting any. Because they don’t appear to grasp that amassing vast fortunes rarely happens by magic, but is generally preceded by vast amounts of work.

If you’d rather your family got the fruits of your labour rather than our crazy Government, why not get my new online Inheritance Tax Course ‘How to save Inheritance Tax without giving everything away’? Just go to - use the special Handy Mag Code HMIHT and you’ll get it for £29 rather than the usual £99. Those few quid could save your family thousands.

3 Tudor Court, Opus Avenue, Nether Poppleton, York YO26 6RS
Tel: 0330 100 1744, Email:
Authorised and regulated by the FCA, No 212972

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Phobias by Mary Mahon

July 2016

As people living in 2016, we are lucky enough to experience new things that decades ago would have been pure fantasy, yet with this modernised society there’s an increasing abundance of phobias derived from our new inventions and wider world understanding – to the point where even phobophobia, the fear of fear itself, is an official term!

Logically, as society expands with opportunities there’s more to be afraid of, such as the fear of heights. In its simplest form, a fear of heights is listed as acrophobia.

Centuries ago, a fear of heights may have occurred by being at the top of a cliff, or climbing a great tree, however our expanded capabilities have afforded us to build vast skyscrapers and travel through the skies in winged metal tanks, and so it is no surprise that we have developed specific phobias.

Air travel itself is ‘aerophobia’, bridges are categorised under ‘gephyrophobia’ and a fear of high buildings is ‘batophobia’. Now, whilst there are many easily explainable fears that have been begotten out of our modern society, there are many phobias that appear slightly odd…

Some phobias are specific to groups of people, such as Americophobia (all things American), Sinophobia (Chinese) and Anglophobia (British); for almost every country, there is a phobia that goes hand-in-hand with it.

Similarly, there are fears that are specific to certain types of feelings and senses, such as getting peanut butter stuck to the roof of your mouth (arachibutyrophobia), the taste of sourness (acerophobia) and most bizarre of all, anatidaephobia, the sense that you are being watched by a duck. Even various body parts have also been recorded to inspire fear, as bellybuttons (omphalophobia), chins (geniophobia), knees (genuphobia) and even beards (pogonophobia) can cause panic attacks in some individuals. Yet perhaps most odd and ironic of all is the trending term for the fear of long words – hippopotomonstroesquipedaliophobia.
Arguably, most relevant to our generation is nomophobia, the genuine fear of being out of mobile phone contact. However, as seemingly trivial some fears may be, they are very serious matters. Often, they can control elements of people’s lives and stop them from experiencing certain things, therefore it is important to try and overcome them.

Life is so incredibly short, so don’t succumb to chronophobia – the fear of wasting your time.

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Life getting you down? Need to talk? - TLC Councelling

July 2016

As a qualified and experienced Integrative Therapist, Jeff Bentley offers his clients a calm, friendly and confidential environment in which to express thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Jeff says “You may have friends and family to turn to during difficult times. However, many people have found the support from a professional psychotherapist to be invaluable. Talking to a qualified psychotherapist can help you to clarify the issues you are facing and to identify some solutions.
“My professional support is provided in a genuine non-judgemental way creating an opportunity for you to talk through your difficulties. I believe we all have the capacity to change and improve our situation. I also believe that with professional support you can find ways of coping which in turn will help you move forward.”

Jeff is a member of the UK Council for Psychotherapy which is a membership organisation holding the national register of psychotherapists, listing those members who meet exacting standards and training requirements.

In addition to Jeff’s private practice in Pickering he is part of a team providing counselling support to individuals in the Bridlington area where referrals are received from the medical profession including the local Mental Health Team. He has worked with individuals, a large percentage being men, who have been experiencing a range of personal issues including: stress, depression, loss, bereavement, childhood trauma, PTSD, lack of confidence, low self-esteem, self-harm, acute stress disorder, anxiety, relationship difficulties, problems with drugs or alcohol and anger.

Contact Jeff on: 07899 822766 or 01751 477439 to make a mutually convenient appointment. All appointments are held at his clinic in Pickering.

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